Sep 15th-1st Oct 2022

In Sep 2022, QYAC presented our third exhibition of inspiring, strange, challenging, exciting and visionary artworks: Tendrils. The exhibition consists of over 50 young LGBTQIA artists from across the UK.

Our group show spanned explorations of Dream Portals that might lead to nightmares, dreamscapes, utopic and dystopic new worlds or ways of being; Bodies and our longing to change, depart from, be present in or remove the need for the many ways the define who we are and can be; Tentacularis, another word for tentacles, for hive mind, for root systems, for queer penetrations and appendages, collective thinking and becoming, for being angry/scared/hurt/alone, but still sexy as fuck; and Mutations - science fictions - transformations - journeys toward and away from - liminal existences - hybridizations - rageful interruptions - TransIations - cracks - breakages - unknowns - indescribables - becoming that which we can’t yet imagine.

Tendrils was curated by the collective with guidance and support from Ama Josephine Budge.

Hosted by Queer Circle as a part of their CATALYST programme.