Erratica: The struggle, the celebration

In April-July 2022, QYAC toured the UK with an exhibition exploring queer young artists own relations to the art establishment and its institutions. Alongside this we comissioned members to run workshops at each of the four locations. 

We believe arts education should be free and see its liberating power to bring people together every day. Young LGBT artists must be better connected to one another, demand fair wages and the free exchange of ideas across cities and borders.

The white cube, the art school and the studio space. Queer Youth Art Collective respond with their own, sometimes complicated, relations to art institutions as makers, explorers and lovers of art. Join for a touring exhibition with creative workshops run by young artists.

Arts Council England,
Queer Arts Consortium,
Studio Voltaire (London),
Bluecoats (Liverpool), Curious Arts (Newcastle)
and Glasgow Zine Library.