Queer Youth Art Collective (QYAC) has run workshops at London’s The Outside Project for LGBTQ young people 18-26 since August 2019. The project delivers newly commissioned workshops by LGBTQ artists and youth forums for attendees to discuss their practice and socialise. These alternate weekly on Sundays .

Our primary aims are to challenge isolation, provide free and engaging arts workshops and build skills and infrastructure for a resilient, peer-led LGBTQ arts and education culture in London and throughout the UK.

We currently run 2 groups: ONLINE on ZOOM & IN PERSON From The Outside Project’s Community centre in CENTRAL LONDON. 


LIV WYNTER (Facilitator)

My pronouns are they and them.

Liv Wynter is a live artist and writer from SEL. Liv has been performing internationally since 2015, making live art that centres around radical action, community, rage, and power, and is currently working on their ACE funded live art show ‘the rise//the refrain’.

Liv is a peer support coordinator at Hearts & Minds, and spent COVID19 doing support work at The Outside Project, an LGBTIQ+ homeless shelter. Liv has been selected for the Royal Court Scriptwriting course 2020/21, and is the host for Queer House Party.

Liv’s debut poetry collection, Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’, was released in Nov 2020. Liv stands in solidarity with all groups organising against oppression.

Quit your job, join a band, start a gang.


[Image Description: Liv is a queer punk in their twenties. They are wearing a slick, black Fred Perry polo top with the designer's name wrapping in white blockish writing around their neck.

They have a a cropped, roughly cut bob which is dyed half black and half white down the middle with chin-length wisps on either side. They have snakebite lip piercings and a bar through the bridge of their nose.

They're angled slightly off to the right, in the middle of the frame staring directly at the viewer with eyes half open under black eye liner.

They are wearing big gold hoops and stand in front of a set of three doors with peeling russet red paint.]

DEX GRODNER (Co-director/Facilitator)

My pronouns are they and them.

Dex is an arts producer, drag cabaret artist and theatre maker. They creative director of the queer, Jewish cabaret Homos and Houmous.

Dex has performed at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, VFD, Tate Britain and Queer Spirit Festival and given talks on trans inclusion and theatre practice at Hackney Showrooms, Hampstead Theatre, Ovalhouse and RADA. 


[Image Description: Dex is a non-binary person with light olive skin, in their mid twenties. Their shoulder-length, curly, dark brown hair is tied up in a bun on the top of their head with a handful of curls falling down the right side of their face. They have a neat moustache and a white and blue, kite-shaped earring in their left ear.

They are wearing a white and navy blue crocheted jumper which shows their skin underneath, with a round neck-line below the collar bones. The photo is cropped to show their head, and chest. They are sitting slightly off to the left and smiling slightly with a closed mouth.]

FREDRIK ANDERSSON (FRED) (Director/Facilitator)

My pronouns are he or they.

Fred is a ceramicist and illustrator whose designs can be seen throughout the nightlife scenes of London, Birmingham and Stockholm.

They have facilitated art courses at Camden Arts Centre and Camberwell College of Art and run art workshop programmes with Studio Voltaire. 

Fred co-founded Queer Youth Art Collective with art therapist Susy Langsdale in 2019.


[Image Description: Fred is a white, cis gay man in their mid-thirties. They have a shaved head and a sandy brown beard.

They have a yellow banana-shaped earring in his right ear. They are wearing a collared shirt with the colours, dark purple, lime green, mustard yellow and white with a  painterly and sketch-like brush stroke design.

Fred is smiling, showing their upper teeth. The photo is cropped to their head, shoulders and chest and is shot against an off-white wall.]